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Stay tuned weekly for all the best in Irish videos chosen by our writers Rachel Masterson and John Loftus. Updated every week. That’s all the music you love, all in one place! You can listen to John Loftus on every Saturday morning at 8am and again on Wednesday’s at 9pm with the Irish only ‘Sounds from a Green World’. Rachel is on every Thursday at 9pm for ‘A Cuppa With Rachel Masterson; brand new interviews, plus new music and old favourites brought to you every week.

Eulogys – In Ink

In Ink was the first release from Eulogy’s double EP ‘Kingfisher and The Hummingbird’ with the video produced by London based Tinker Pan Productions.

Released in March 2016, it’s a little over two and a half minutes long and is a powerful offering from the Dublin/Cork based duo.

The video is a psychedelic mix of landscape imagery, of the band themselves and ever changing shapes. Check it out >>

Molly Sterling – Ghost in my Bedroom

It’s been awhile since we heard anything  from Molly Sterling. Having released her debut EP at the beginning of the year, which remains one of Rachel’s favourite of 2016, it’s great to hear new music from the songstress.

Shot by the extremely talented Ciarán O’Brien, at the Mount Stewart Conversations Festival, it’s a very natural down-to-earth video perfectly capturing Molly in her truest form. Check it out >>

Colm Gavin – Rollin’ River

Colm Gavin is back with this new video for Rollin’ River. This song is a familiar one, as it appears on his number one selling debut album ‘A Voice for the Urban Darlings’ which was released last year. Colm reminded us it’s almost a year since we had a cuppa together too!

The video is shot in various locations showing a young carefree couple enjoying simple things like walking on the beach or playing in the arcade. Things aren’t as sweet as they seem however, with an unexpected twist at the end…

Róisín O – Better this Way

Better this Way is the latest video release from Róisín O. Directed by John Broe and filmed by Dara Munnis, it’s a beautiful adaptation of the song.

The video sees Róisín journeying through the awe-inspiring, yet harsh, Icelandic landscapes, mirroring the tone of the song. Taking in the most beautiful scenic shots of Iceland, it has a really ethnic, tribal feel as she climbs through caves and under waterfalls.

The single will be officially released on Friday, October 21st but you can watch the video below: