A cuppa with: Hvmmingbyrd

A cuppa and a chat with Hvmmingbyrd


Recently Deborah and Dolores from Hvmmingbyrd came to the Ceol Caint HQ for a cuppa with and a few bikkies. Fast becoming a household name, appearing at loads of brilliant festivals across the country, Hvmmingbyrd have transcended to become one of the best Irish bands.

With a beautiful melodic sound which avoids fitting into any particular style or genre, this band are paving the way for “girl bands” to stand out on their own, breaking the mold.

We talked jingles, lard, festivals and matching sexy outfits, with a lot of giggles in between. It was a pleasure to have a cuppa with Hvmmingbyrd, have a listen:

Watch Hvmmingbyrd:


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