A cuppa with: Funzo

A cuppa with Funzo

Liam Funzo McDermott

Liam McDermott, or more commonly known as “Funzo“, met me recently for a cuppa.

Not wanting to be confined to the traditional idea of band and line-up, Funzo is Liam McDermott and whoever he may be collaborating with at the time.

The result to date has been a wide spectrum of collaboration across the Irish music industry, with fabulous results.

With snappy, fun songs that draw from every day experiences and ring true to life; Liam has a way of crafting lyrics which ring truth. Some completely fun and some with deeper meaning, every song released by Funzo is done so with passion; not to mention his fantastic music videos.

Sometimes in life really tragic things happen, and I met Liam on one such day. Having just received the awful news that his girlfriend’s apartment burned down, our a cuppa with discussed loss and how different people cope. Thankfully nobody was hurt in the fire.

So chatting about Electric Picnic, Funzo’s ┬álove for puns and of course the terrible incident that just happened; here is a cuppa with Funzo:

Check out this epic Funzo video:

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